5 Holistic Home Remedies to Heal Dentures Sore


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Just got a full set of dentures a few days ago but now that is bringing in sores in your mouth? Then we have something for you. 50 % of the people who are using dentures regardless of the type partial or complete; they have experienced a certain type of problem.

Notice there is real medicinal value in local herbs and remedies.


  1. Aniseed

If your mouth is tender then this herbal; solution will be best for your sensitive mouth. If dentures are affecting your sensitive, nerve tissues then this solution will work perfectly for you. Add two teaspoons of crushed aniseed and one tablespoon of dried peppermint leaves in two cups of boiling water. Allow the water to steep overnight by turning off the fire. Strain and add one teaspoon of myrrh tincture which is both the natural preservative and antiseptic.

You can use two tablespoons of this several times a day; this will not only help you easing the sensitive sores but will also kill germs and heal the sensitive tissue.

  1. Salt

Just as you start to adjust your new denture, this salt will be the most feasible use to keep the growth of bacteria redundant. This will not only keep your mouth warm but also reduce the risk of swelling and pain in your mouth.

Try to rub the affected area every morning this will not only prevent dry mouth but at the same time rinsing your mouth with a tinge of warm water is the best effective solution.

  1. Turmeric

Since age-old times turmeric has been the best solution that has been used to reduce pain, the rich ingredient curcumin not only acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound but helps to protect your mouth from the growth of bacteria.

Make a paste using a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder and a few drops of water, then rub this thick paste in your gum let it settle there for some time. Massage the affected area and rinse your mouth with Luke warm water.

  1. Cloves

Cloves are the good solution to reduce the pain as prescribed by many dentists. Eugenol in clove is an active ingredient which will not only help to kill bacteria but acts as the pain reliever.

All you need to do is crush clove until you fill your teaspoon. Mix two or three drops of olive oil into clove powder and then rub it gently over your gums. Wait for five minutes for active ingredients to take effect. Repeat this process daily twice or thrice.

  1. Black tea bag

The most common usable thing can be a pain reliever. This natural source can help you to reduce pain and inflammation. Tannic acid in tea kills the bad bacteria that can lead to sore and does not allow the bad breath to settle in your mouth. Hold the tea bag against the sore areas for ten minutes and then rinse with water. The process has to be repeated twice a day to reduce the pain.

Try out the above remedies to cure your sore if you are a regular user of dentures. Natural is always best but if you see that the sores are not healing even after trying out all these, then consult your dentist without delay.

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