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TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint is a small joint which is found where lower jaw and skull meet, i.e. in front of your ear. With this joint your lower jaw can work and move. TMJ disorders are most common medical problem and the sufferers may tend to feel several symptoms and some of most common ones are headache, jaw joint pain and tooth pain. Due to these symptoms, they find it painful to open their mouth.

TMJ Disorder Symptoms

When TMJ disorder symptoms become worse, it is better to ask the dentists at ABC 123 Dental. Our Fort Worth specialists can diagnose any problem in teeth, mouth and jaws correctly. For TMJ treatment, we implement unique diagnostic procedures to deal with several complex disorders.

Jaw Joint Pain

Among TMJ sufferers, this is one widely known symptom. A lot of sufferers feel popping, grinding or clicking sounds while yawning or chewing. The pain occurs in jaw joint is either frequent and dull or irregular and sharp.

Tooth Pain

Patients who feel toothache basically grind their teeth. This is so because jaw joints and teeth absorb extreme pressure. In cheeks, it also tends to cause serious pain in both areas.


The disorders of TMJ may lead to medium to serious headaches. It is caused due to ligaments and muscle strain because of improper articulation of jaw joint. This symptom may also cause tenacious neck pain and pinched nerves.


To deal with TMJ disorders, our dentist may advise jaw exercises, mouth guards and bite therapy.

Mouth Guards: They are actually protectors which are made of special soft plastic to keep teeth grinding at bay.

Jaw Exercises: it eliminates clenching, relaxes jaw and helps correct tooth or teeth alignment. Dentist teaches few simple jaw exercises to do in mirror.

Bite Therapy: It features in-depth examination of jaw and mouth in order to diagnose actual cause of TMJ disorder. Dentists use certain tools to determine bite pressure and provide pain relief and correct misalignment.

If you have any of these symptoms for more than a week or month , you should seek treatment from a TMJ specialist in Keller and Fort Worth at ABC 123 Dental. for a TMJ specialist , call us at (682) 708-6046 or visit today for a comprehensive examination.


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