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Teeth Whitening In Haltom City, TX & Keller, TX

Welcome to ABC 123 Dental – specialists in all phases of cosmetic and general dentistry. We can get you in touch with expert dentists in Texas. Our teeth whitening services can help you get that perfect smile you deserve and help you keep your dental health in good condition. You can also avail our premium packages like Laser Whitening and Free Teeth Whitening for Life if you are a cash payer or you have availed our dental financing packages. Our packages are designed to be affordable within your budget.

In-Office Whitening

An in-office teeth whitening treatment usually takes an hour and is carefully conducted to ensure that the treatment delivers the results it promised. The dental care professional conducting the treatment will first ensure that your dental health is in suitable condition to ensure that the whitening treatment works. There are cases where the tooth can be discolored but cannot be fixed with whitening. In such cases, your dentist will recommend a different course of treatment to treat the existing condition first.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser whitening is recently a very popular method of whitening the enamel. You can choose from up to 12 shades of white for your teeth. This way you can customize your smile to perfection. If you are a cash paying patient, or have applied for our premium dental financing programs, you can avail free laser whitening treatment that is inclusive of x-rays and a dental exam. You can also avail free whitening for life at our dentist.

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening

An all new teeth whitening technique using a ZOOM! Lamp and a special gel that whitens your teeth without any damage to your enamel. This teeth whitening treatment is complete in just a couple of hours and can get you long lasting teeth whitening benefits at the shade you want. This is a modern dentistry treatment that has quickly become popular and available only at selective clinics, including ABC123Dental.

Avoid DIY kits

Teeth whitening procedures are often not performed at a dental care professional but with do-it-yourself kits. This does more harm than good to your dental health as the kits are not customized to suit your condition. The chemicals used are also generalized which gives these kits a bad rep with the dentist. You may end up having to fix the condition with a more expensive treatment than would have been with a professional whitening service.
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