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Dental emergency is one of the most unpredictable emergencies in daily life. This is the reason our emergency staff is always prepared to welcome our patients and help them with our uncompromised services. We have support staff and 24×7 dentists to speak with our esteemed clients and meet at any time regarding these emergency services

Broken/Chipped Tooth

If you are suffering from unbearable pain because your tooth is broken or chipped, then you should call us for dental emergency services and our experienced and well trained staff can

cure you in our state-of-the-art dental office. It doesn’t matter how small or serious your tooth injury is, we can treat it at our best.

Tooth pain

Tooth Pain

More often than not, tooth pain occurs all of a sudden. It doesn’t matter when your teeth starts causing trouble, we have helpful and courteous staff and dentists to resolve all your toothache problems. From routine cavity toe severe toothache, you can ring us for appointment.

Bleeding gums, lips, cheeks and tongue

If a bruise or cut is injuring your tongue, gums, lips or cheek, then our experts can help you to deal with any laceration or trauma.


Loss of Crown

Losing dental crown due to any reason can be a nightmare. This way, we offer 24×7 day and night emergency service to overcome unnecessary suffering or pain. Our dentists, experts and support staff is fully dedicated and committed to provide emergency services.

Loss of Filling

There is nothing more painful than the moment when a filling falls down, especially on weekends when your local dentist is closed. This way, we provide 24×7 dental serviceswith our dedicated support staff and dentists. When filling falls away, we can understand that open tooth creates more pain.

injury is, we can treat it at our best.


A dental emergency may arise at anytime without prior notice. Avoid running back and forth and visit us for dental emergency and Emergency Dentists in Keller and Haltom City, Texas. We are available 24/7 and all days of the week so reach us now before the damage becomes worse!

Call our Dental Office now and Request more details regarding our emergency dental services.


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