This is How a Child’s Academic Grades Can Get Affected Due to Poor Oral Health


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Children are quite prone to diseases and as a parent, you must look after their oral hygiene right from the beginning. Many of you might have faced the consequences of not following a proper dental routine during your childhood. But would you want the same to happen to your kid?

Every child should lead a healthy lifestyle to excel in their academic career as well as to be happy. Poor oral health has affected a lot of children’s school grades and you must know how.


Lack of Concentration: A kid will never be able to concentrate on anything if he/she is going through an intolerable toothache. Listening to the teacher properly or paying heed to the subject is next to impossible during such days. Therefore, the little one will not understand anything related to what he/she is being taught. And when this happens, the academic grades are certainly going to drop.

Staying Aloof from Others in School: If an adult is facing some sort of health issues, the person is bound to get cranky & irritated and it is just the same for children. If your child is agitated because of a gum irritation or decayed teeth, he/she won’t feel like mingling with other classmates. Not talking to anyone in school can lead to depression and isolation.

Self-Esteem May Get Hampered: Bad breath along with yellow teeth can sabotage the self-esteem of any person and kids are much more sensitive when it comes to this. The other kids could make fun of them because of their unhygienic oral health. There have been many instances in schools where children have even got boycotted due to their physical appearances. And such occurrences will certainly affect their grades. Thus, do not let your little ones face such hardships.

Missing Out on Classes: If your little one’s dental health is not stable, he/she will end up missing out on all the important classes which will highly affect their studies. They will not have any idea about the things that have been taught in class and neither will they stay updated. Constantly being absent will also restrain them from taking part in all the physical activities. Hence, their academic performance will keep deteriorating.

Children, at times, do not reveal what they are going through due to which you might be unaware of the problems that they are facing. It’s your responsibility to keep a tab on their oral health and make sure they don’t face any discomfort. Call us today @817-656-1251 in order to keep your child’s oral hygiene unaffected.

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