Dental Healthy Foods for the Thanksgiving


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There are so many concerns when it comes to dieting and dental problems that we fear to indulge even on occasions. Thanksgiving is here, with turkeys, yams, family, and football, and a simple overview on foods you can gobble up without fear of dental health issues!

What’s on the menu?

Thanksgiving means the holidays are around the corner! Here’s what you can have at your family dinner without worrying about your teeth.


    • is a tradition and on no account should you skip it because – it’s good for your teeth! You need animal protein that is also rich in Vitamin D and calcium, and turkeys are a package deal.

Cranberries stainCranberries can stain your teeth, yes, but it depends wholly on the prepared dish. Cranberries have good nutritional value and keep your gums healthy too. Reducing sugar when making the sauce will help keep your teeth safe from bacterial deposits – don’t forget to brush and floss now, because they can stain!

Vitamin A VeggiesVeggies like carrots, squash, and pumpkins help to promote enamel growth via Vitamin A. They’re pretty common around a thanksgiving table.

Dairy ProductDairy is always a good choice – especially on mashed potatoes! Unless you’re lactose intolerant, they’re a good source of healthy nutrients for your teeth!

FruitsFruits in general are always a safe bet, even for your teeth. Your thanksgiving dinner is hardly complete without a smidgen of fruity goodness. If you’re worried about desserts, here’s your escape hatch.

Yam'sYams are a good source of vitamins as always. But sometimes, it just doesn’t feel the same without marshmallows, which makes your teeth tremble in your jaw bone. You should avoid all sticky foods in general.

Green Beans and Mushroom If the green beans and mushroom casserole is something you’ve been waiting for, you can rely on them blindly for being good for your teeth. If it’s too sticky, a little extra effort when brushing will help you out.

pumpkin pieMake sure your pumpkin pie is not too sweet and you are golden – yes, even during desserts.

Now that you have an idea on what to chow down on and what to avoid, let’s begin the banquet! Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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