You Do Not Need to Live With Loose Dentures When You Can Try Dental Implants

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We can provide you with dental implants so that you can live your life with the confidence and convenience that a full set of teeth can provide. Tooth loss can be difficult, and since most people do not plan for this occurrence, wearing dentures is fairly common. Since dentures are a centuries-old solution, they have become a “go-to” of sorts. However, they are not the best or most convenient solution for tooth loss, and many people become frustrated as a result. Fortunately, we offer a better solution – dental implants.

Loose Dentures

Are dental implants really better than dentures?

Yes, and here is why:

Oral health. This is the only solution that addresses both tooth loss and the loss of your root system. If you want to ensure lifelong oral health, implants are ideal because they provide your jaw with the stimulation you need to prevent resorption, a process that can lead to the change of shape or size of your jawbone in the future. Implants are effective because of the process of osseointegration. The post that we implant is made of titanium, and the body treats titanium like it would natural matter. The two fuse together and create a new root system that is just as durable as your natural one was. Simultaneously, your jawbone will be healthier and stronger.

Functionality. Thanks to osseointegration, your new teeth will have the same functionality as your old ones. This means that you can bite into an apple rather than cutting it into slices. You can meet your friends for a steak without worrying about your teeth coming loose. As a result, life as you knew it will be restored.

Appearance. Your dental implants will look entirely natural. Each one is created individually after an impression has been made of your mouth and measurements taken. Once placed, they will blend in so well that you will be unable to tell the difference between your natural teeth and the ones that have been replaced. This makes it easy to smile with confidence and without worry.

Care. Taking care of your dental implants is incredibly easy. All you need to do is brush your teeth with a regular toothpaste and soft toothbrush and remember to floss daily. We also recommend that you visit our office twice a year for regular dental cleanings. You do not need to use any additional tools or solutions, which means that you can throw away your denture paste and soaking solution. For denture wearers, this is truly a more convenient way to maintain your smile.

If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, call and schedule an examination. We are confident that if you want to replace your dentures, you will be pleased with how convenient and natural-looking this solution is. Implants are truly a modern solution that has revolutionized how we replace teeth, and our patients are delighted by how easy it is to care for them once they are in place.

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