Dental Sealants: Your Prevention To Tooth Decay Is Here!

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It’s pretty hard to clean every nook and corner of your teeth, right? And particularly those molars and premolars, even with brushing and flossing! Molars are rough and unequal. They are the most favored spot for remaining food particles and cavity-generating bacteria to conceal themselves.

But, there’s another protection measure to maintain those teeth clean. It’s normally called a Sealant! You can think of sealants as raincoats for your teeth. A sealant is a thin, protective film affixed to the chewing surface of your back teeth. It is composed of plastic or other dental materials. They can stop cavities from growing and even obstruct early phases of decay from transforming into a full-blown cavity.

Who Can Get Sealants?

Sealants can be given to both children and adults, but the sooner you receive them, the better. Normally, kids should receive sealants on their permanent molars and premolars at once when these teeth emerge. In this manner, the sealants can shield the teeth through the cavity-prone years of ages 6 to 14. And this will also help not to waste time and money in the long run. Ask your Dentist at ABC 123 Dental, if sealants are perfect for you and your family.

In a few cases, dental sealants may also be excellent for baby teeth. This is usually when a toddler’s baby teeth have severe depressions and grooves. Baby teeth actually play a major role in anchoring the accurate spacing for permanent teeth. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep these teeth healthy and strong to ensure that they are not lost too early.

How will your dentist treat you in Fort Worth, TX?

It’s a pretty swift and pain-free dental practice. Your specialist will minutely clean and dry your tooth. And again some cotton or other absorbent material will be applied around the tooth to keep it dry. Next, an acidic gel will be applied on your tooth. This gel roughens your tooth surface. It is to create a rigid binding between your tooth and the sealant. After a short moment, your doctor will wash off the gel. Your tooth will again be dried before applying the sealant onto the fissures of your tooth. Then with the help of a special blue light the sealant will be hardened. When the sealant has totally hardened it transforms to be a hard plastic varnish coating! And you can chew normally again.

How Long Do Sealants Last?

Sealants will normally stay for 10 years before they require to be applied again. During your regular dental check-up, the doctor will study the condition of the sealant. And the dentist can reapply them if necessary. Along with that, use fluoride toothpaste or mouthwashes. This helps shield all the surfaces of the tooth from decay and cavities.

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Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Sealants?

Multiple insurance companies cover the expense of sealants. But this is usually for patients less than 18 years of age. Check with your dental insurance service provider first.

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