What to Expect At Your First Cosmetic Dentistry Visit

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Whether you visit a dentist for subtle changes or for some major treatment for your teeth, an experienced dental professional can perform a variety of procedures to help you have the amazing looking smile.

Today, Cosmetic Dentistry at ABC 123 Dental is one of the most popular dental procedures and our dentists are equipped to offer a wide array of treatment options to help fix your teeth by reshaping them, closing spaces and altering the length with bonding, crowns, bleaching, countering, veneers and many more. It just doesn’t stop there, with advanced dental techniques dentists can also work on teeth that are missing, chipped or discolored, and help their patients to deal with other oral problems, such as the bite.

First Cosmetic Dentistry Visit

If you have just decided on undergoing a cosmetic procedure, it’s recommended that you understand the benefits, risks involved in the treatment. Read along as we tell you what to expect at your first cosmetic dentistry visit.

Wondering what will a cosmetic dentist do at your appointment?

Right after making you feel at ease and comfortable as soon as you enter our office, the dentist begins by  highlighting specific characteristics such as your teeth, lips, face, gums, bite,  hair and skin color, and your personality type. This information is essential to help the dentist decide on your dream smile – how it should be and how it must be created. This is generally followed by a physical evaluation of the teeth and gums; you may be required to take X-rays, if needed. It is even possible to have a look at your brand new smile with advanced computer technology, which will help you gain more conviction on the decision.

One-On-One Consultation

You’ll have ample time for one-on-one consultation. This is the stage where you can speak directly to your cosmetic dentists regarding your feelings or anxiety, if any, in the form of questions. Take advantage of this and talk to your dentist on your worries that you may have. Our dental professionals will be happy to debunk rumors, myths, everything related to cosmetic dentistry so that you have a clear understanding on the procedures.

Your Responsibilities as a Patient

Your responsibility as a patient is to ask questions and voice concerns. Make sure you communicate on:

  • How do you envision your smile to be?
  • How do you like the shade of white when it comes to teeth whitening treatment?
  • If you’re satisfied with the amount of gums that are visible when you smile? If you are not happy, it can be fixed.
  • If you are aware of crooked or misaligned teeth? This can be fixed with clear braces.

The evaluation of such important topics is encouraged during the appointment as it also allows the dentist to design strategies that can help achieve the desired outcome.

A dental professional can help you enhance your appearance. However, choosing cosmetic dentistry is a very personal and important choice. Most of the procedures are reversible, therefore we encourage you take your time to get comfortable with your dentist and his/her skills.

Need more information on cosmetic dentistry? Contact us today and book an appointment so that we can help you learn more on the treatments and options.

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