Free Teeth Whitening for Affordable Cosmetic Dental Care

Cosmetic Dental Care

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It is getting more difficult each year to scrounge up funds for your cosmetic dental treatment. This poses a big problem especially for individuals without a proper dental insurance plan to cover the costs of their cosmetic treatments.

In Texas area like Keller and Fort Worth, ABC 123 Dental has made provisions for free teeth whitening for life for all patients who are covered under any PPO Insurances as well as for cash payers. This will help a larger section of the general public living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to get a good cosmetic treatment and have the perfect smile.

Types of Teeth Whitening Treatments

There are many methods employed by cosmetic dentists for teeth whitening. Each method has its own level of success. The methods are also varied by prices. Let’s take a look at the many whitening treatments you can avail.

    • Laser Whitening: This is a very reliable option as exhibited by the high success rate. The laser treatment involves the use of a special dental laser that activates a whitening gel on your teeth. This gel will bleach your enamel, and can turn your teeth whiter. You can have about six shades to choose from and you will need to conduct regular checkups with your dentist to ensure that it stays the same.
    • DIY whitening: This is facilitated by an at-home bleaching kit. Your dental care professional will provide you with the required instructions and the necessary appliances to whiten your teeth on a regular basis at home. Consult with your dentist regularly to make sure there are no underlying problems with your teeth before choosing this option.
    • Whitening trays: The dentist makes use of an aligner tray to deliver the whitening agent to your teeth. This tray is customized to suit your dental condition and specifications. They can also be used at home on your own.
    • ZOOM! Whitening: This is a new technique that has become very popular and is trending in the dental community because of its success rate. It makes use of a ZOOM! Lamp which emits light to activate a whitening gel. The advantage of this technique is that you can choose from over 12 shades to have for your teeth. The process is thorough without room for inadequate whitening as is the case with most DIY whitening and over-the-counter bleaching kits.
    • Professional cleaning: More often than not, your discolored teeth are stained from poor hygiene. A professional cleaning treatment with a dental hygienist can restore your teeth to its normal level of white. If you want them to be whiter after the cleaning, you will need to get a teeth whitening treatment separately.

Whitening treatments are strictly cosmetic which means that if there are other underlying dental problems in your mouth, the dentist will need to treat that first before moving on with the whitening procedure.

Affordable Care for Your Smile


Everyone wants to have that perfectly photogenic smile. But dental care, cosmetic or otherwise is very expensive which turns people off. With affordable whitening care, you can conduct the regular checkups necessary to maintain your beautiful smile.

The free whitening for life holds a regular value of $279 at ABC 123 Dental and includes professional cleaning, x-ray, and a dental exam. You can also get free laser whitening (regular value of $400) which includes a dental exam and x-rays. These offers are available exclusively for cash paying patients as well as all PPO insurances.

To find out how you can avail your free whitening treatment, you can call 817-656-1215 for our expert help.

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