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A root canal infection is a severe oral problem. This infection occurs when bacteria entirely covers the inner chamber of your teeth caused by untreated dental decay. Patients who are suffering from a root canal infection should immediately visit the dentist since it can spread very quickly.

When the bacteria enters the soft pulp material of the inside layer of your tooth, the infection becomes worse. The dentist performs root canal therapy to clear away the infected pulp and restore your tooth.

But before that, you gotta be aware of the symbols of root canal infection. This article emphasizes primarily the warning signs of this condition.


Warning signs of Root Canal Infection

1. Pain

Terrible pain is one of the biggest warnings that drive people to call for a dentist’s help when suffering from a root canal infection. The pain grows when you bite down or put pressure on your affected tooth. Also, you may experience tooth sensitivity when you take hot/cold food and drinks.

The pain can also spring up from inflammation of the gums. Your gums may turn red and tender due to swelling. 

2. Tooth darkening

If the inside layer of your tooth becomes infected, the tooth color may change to brown or yellow. When this infection reaches the pulp tissues, they become dark brown, and that transforms the tooth color. 

While you undergo root canal therapy, your dentist takes out the dying or necrotic pulp material. And then apply tooth filling. 

3. Dental abscess

Dental abscess slowly develops when the bacteria and dying pulp material generate deep pockets. And these pockets get filled with pus. It makes you feel uncomfortable and also generates bad breath. It is visible through a pimple on the gum or an enlarged or constant red bump. A foul-smelling liquid may also discharge from the abscess.

A Periodontist can remove the painful abscess and clean the area during the root canal treatment.

4. Chronic bad breath

Persons who suffer from root canal infection generally have chronic bad breath. If the bad breath remains even after you brush, and floss then an infection is very likely to be present.

The bacteria that result in root canal infection mainly release an odor. This causes bad breath and you may feel a bitter taste in your mouth. 


5. Gum Area Is Swollen

Swollen gums indicate complications below the surface. If you feel pain in your gums or you find it to be swollen or have a raised bump, see your dentist without any delay. 

Certain times, a root canal is needed to solve the issue of inflamed gums.

Get Help Today!

Don’t stress at all, if you suspect the symptoms of a root canal infection as this can be cured with a root canal treatment. 

You can get in touch with ABC 123 Dental if you want to receive the best root canal therapy in Haltom City, TX. Our Dentist will explain the treatment procedure of root canal treatment in detail and provide you the quality care and comfort that you deserve. We’re just a call away.

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