The Effect Smoking Has On Your Teeth

Man Smoking

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Man Smoking

The harmful effects of smoking may not manifest for decades. But if you think you get away scot-free then think again! You may not have lung cancer at an early stage but your skin will quickly grow more wrinkles than the typical dishcloth. When you think your skin’s smoking is bad news, then you don’t even want to imagine what it does to your gums. Because without the lost teeth, there is no smoke!

Deteriorates your oral health on many levels

Via cigarette smoke, the poisonous cocktail of chemicals induces gum disease (periodontal). Smokers who swim through a pack a day can look forward to losing about 2 teeth every 10 years. The filthy tar in cigarettes often causes rapid yellowing of teeth so it’s goodbye pearly whites. You’re 35 years old before you know it but with a pensioner’s teeth- so put it in your pipe and smoke it!

Takes away the beauty of your smile

Yellow teeth and unseemly holes mar your self-esteem. You may never want to see it again in the mirror. If only you had some left, you’d offer your hind teeth for a better smile. But if your teeth are on the missing list, have you got to live with that toothless grin? You don’t really and you shouldn’t. You can get dental implants to restore your missing teeth and revive the aesthetics in your smile.

If you try to cope with smoking’s negative impacts, the good news is usually as scarce as the teeth of hens. But when it comes to your own teeth, the exception to this most disturbing rule is dental implants. Bone needs constant stimulation to stay healthy. Dental implants help you chew normally and thus give the nerves, muscles and jaw bone the requisite stimulation to promote healthy bone growth.

If you’ve lost your teeth because you’re a smoker then dental implants might give you a smile back. But don’t trick yourself into a false sense of security, or put off having your teeth cleaned. Each cigarette will cause further damage, and so any gap will remain unattended. The best things don’t get to those who are waiting. So get the best dentist near you in Fort Worth / Keller TX for your dental consultation.

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