Periodontal (Gum) Disease

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The Causes & Risk Factors You Should be Aware of Periodontal disease may especially existas it doesn’t cause any painin almost all cases. In order to identify this disease and understand its cure, you should find out the signs and symptoms and get them checked in regular visits. If you are diagnosed with periodontal (gum) disease, then you are among 80% of those US residents who are currently suffering from this condition. From usual inflammation on gum to severe pain, periodontal gum disease may cause severe damage to bone and soft tissue supporting your teeth. Even worse, your teeth might be lost.

Gum disease is an evil of overall oral health. According to how better you protect your gums or teeth, it can be slowed down or stopped, or even get worse.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

The Causes of Periodontal Disease

We have a lot of bacteria in our mouth. With mucus and several small particles, such bacteria make a colorless, sticky ‘plaque’ constantly on teeth. Plaque can be cleaned with flossing and brushing. If not removed, that plaque gets harden and create the harbor of the bacteria “tarter” which cannot be cleaned by brushing. Only hygienist or dentist is capable to clean tarter.


The Risk Factors

Hormonal Changes– Especially in women and girls, gums become more sensitive due to these changes and gingivitis can easily develop.

Smoking– Periodontitis is one next reason to leave smoking. Even worse, the likeliness of improvement with some cures can significantly be reduced with smoking.

Diabetes– Diabetic patients are more susceptible to suffer from periodontal disease and various infections.

Medicines– Some heart medicines and antidepressants are responsible to lessen saliva flow and affect oral health.

Stress – According to the research, stress is highly responsible to reduce the capacity of the body to combat infection.

Illnesses– Diseases such as AIDS or cancer and various serious ailments can affect gum health.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of gum disease then contact our periodontist near Keller and Fort Worth, TX area.