The Alarming Symptoms of Gum Disease Which You Must Know

What do you do to follow a good oral health?

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What do you do to follow a good oral health? You not only brush thrice a day and floss properly but also take care of your mouth in various other ways. A sheer negligence can cause immense harm to your dental health due to which your gums won’t get spared too. Inflamed gums sabotage the bone that supports your teeth and even the dental tissues get highly affected.

A lot of you shun your dental problems thinking that they are minor but what if they lead to something humongous? We have listed down some of the symptoms of gum disease. Take a look at all the points to know the indications.

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The Early Stage: The very first stage is called gingivitis, this happens when your gums start swelling and turning red. It causes irritation and discomfort and your gums might also bleed while brushing or flossing. There could also be spaces between the tooth and the gum. An excessive amount of plaque build up is the primary reason behind gingivitis.

When the Plaque Turns Into Tartar: If you do not take a step to get rid of the plaque it may turn into a stubborn tartar which would give rise to the second stage of gum disease called periodontitis. In this stage, the gums start to shrink, the teeth become wobbly and your mouth starts stinking of bad breath too. Periodontitis is quite critical, therefore, it should be treated as soon as possible. If not treated on time, the condition may reach up to that state where curing the problem might seem to be impossible.

The Advanced Stage of Periodontitis: We had already mentioned before that gum disease can destroy the bones which hold the teeth and that happens in this stage. If a proper treatment is not done, the dentist might have to remove your teeth. Your bite will get largely hampered and the pockets which will form below the gum line will be filled with pus. The pus can be seen when the gums get pressed simultaneously.

Treating a gum disease can turn out to be complicated which is why paying heed to its early stage (gingivitis) is quite crucial. You cannot afford to lose your teeth and you would not even want to face an immense amount of discomfort. Hence, take all the mandatory steps right away.

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