The Ultimate Guide to Care for Your Dentures


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Losing all your natural teeth or even some of them is no longer a cause for concern. You can get yourself fitted with Dental dentures in a single day at the dentist’s. Modern technologies allow your dentures to be customized to your specifications and can be completed in one appointment.

Proper care is essential to ensure that the dentures last, fit and prevention of disease. Daily cleaning helps to prevent build-up plaques and food articles that can contribute to mouth odor, infections, irritation to the tissues under the denture. It is important to keep your dentures clean and stain free so that your mouth will stay healthy and you can look your best.

Handle your dentures carefully

Dental DenturesSince they don’t come cheap and can break easily, you do want to be careful with them. Get a folded towel and clean them, or you can also use a bowl of water in case they accidently drop. Avoid using toothpicks when you’re wearing them. Also, don’t use hard brushes for cleaning as they might rupture the dentures. Make sure, they are kept away from the reach of young children and pets.

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Having complete dentures doesn’t guarantee thorough care of your mouth. Rinsing carefully after removing the dentures, followed by massage on your gums with a soft washcloth is essential. The partial dentures also require regular brushing and flossing.

Keep them clean.

Yes, these aren’t your real teeth, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to not clean them regularly. Just like natural teeth, they can build up stains, plaque and tartar on them and can lead to infection and irritation in the tissues underneath. Use special denture cleaning brush or a regular soft-soft bristled brush to clean the dentures. You can also use regular hand soap, mildly abrasive toothpaste to clean them.

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Dental Dentures

Take them out before going to bed.

The tissues inside the mouth can recover from wearing them during the day. Give your dentures a break and remove them before going to bed at night. If it’s not an option, be sure to remove them for at least six to eight hours at another time of day. If they are made of metal clasps, soak them in warm water and if they are not, you can use half water-solution or a special denture cleanser to remove stains, plaque and bacteria. You need to find cleanser that’s right for you. You can consult with your dentist for recommendations.

Look-out for the changes in fit.

The gums and bone in mouths often tend to change over time leading to improper denture fit. This can often cause sores, burning and pain and if left untreated, can give rise to abdominal gas from swallowing air and harsh condition such as periodontal disease. If your dentures aren’t fitting properly, it’s time to get denture repair and adjusted. It’s important to schedule regular check-ups with your dentist for advice on oral hygiene and denture care. The dentist can professionally clean and examine them for proper fit and can check the overall health of your mouth.

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