13 Ways to Whiten Teeth Naturally

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A smile without shining white teeth is as lifeless as desert. White teeth make you feel young and impulsive. It further makes you feel unique and confident enough to interact with the world. However, the whiteness is often affected by factors such as smoking, excess consumption of beverages, irregular dental hygiene etc which causes the teeth to turn yellow or pale. Usually, when you visit the dentist, they advise you to remove the yellow tinge but naturally we could do the same but with other benefits following.

If you are wondering about what are the ways to whiten the teeth naturally then glance over the following points and change your life. The 13 natural ways to whiten teeth are given below with brief explanation corresponding to each.

1.Banana Peel: Rubbing the banana peel on your teeth and letting it stand for around 10 minutes, and then brushing and rinsing thoroughly could help in developing dental health. Other than teeth whitening it also cures toothache. Banana Peel 2.Lemon Drops: You can mix few drops of lemon with salt, and then apply the solution on teeth and brush vigorously. Then leave it for few minutes and rinse your mouth water. This natural process helps in removing plaque and cavity from teeth. Lemon Drops 3.Strawberry: Strawberry is very much effective in whitening teeth. Only you have to crush a strawberry and mix it with diluted tea, and apply the solution on your teeth and let it rest. Later, brush your teeth with tooth paste and smile happily. Strawberry 4.Coconut oil: If you rinse your mouth with a teaspoon of Coconut oil it would magnify your dental and oral health. Its significance in whitening teeth is also considered to be beneficial by many dentists worldwide. Coconut Oil 5.Olive oil: Gargling with olive oil for around 15 minutes would help in whitening teeth and improving dry mouth. Many Americans who believe in natural remedy have been benefited by olive oil. Olive oil 6.Basil: Making a paste after mashing basil and rubbing it all over the teeth is very much beneficial in whitening teeth. It also makes teeth strong and healthy.   Basil   7.Apple: Every Americans love apple, and it is indeed a good news to many that apple is an effective teeth whitener. Consuming apple helps in channelizing essential nutrients for enhancing dental and oral health. getty-apple_large 8.Carrot: Carrot is beneficial for rejuvenating the tooth enamel and preventing plaque & cavities. Consuming carrot at lunch or dinner helps in whitening the teeth surface and restoring gum health. Carrot 9.Guava: Consuming guava is one of the finest natural ways to whiten your teeth and is often recommend by herbal doctors to enhance dental health. Guava 10.Orange peel: Orange peel is highly effective to kill bacteria and whiten the teeth by removing the yellow layer formation over the enamel caused by consumption of beverages. However, it must be noted that over consumption of orange could result in enamel damage. Orange peel 11.Salt: Gently rubbing salt over teeth enamel helps in removing yellow streaks and whiten the teeth to feel rejuvenated. You must also stay cautious while using salt as if rub salt roughly on your teeth then it would turn harmful for your gum and enamel. Salt   12.Margosa leaves: If you create a paste out of margosa leaves and rub it on your teeth then it is highly helpful towards enriching dental health and whitening teeth. Margosa is rich in nutrients effective to eliminate any dental and oral issues. Margosa leaves 13.Raisin: Consuming raisin is another way to intake relevant nutrients and vitamins that have proven record to enhance dental health. Furthermore, it has the capacity to clear the yellow tinge deposited on the enamel and whiten the teeth to develop shine. Raisin So don’t waste your time, apply any of the aforementioned things to have a happy white smile.

Source: www.authorityremedies.com

Image Source: www.google.com

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