Smoking & Teeth – The Health War Going Inside


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Ever imagined, your smoking habit is slowly and stealthily ruining your bewitching white smile? No! I guessed that. Based on National Health Interview Survey, 35% of the current smokers are more likely to develop three or more oral or dental problems in contrast to 24% formal smokers and 16% non-smokers who have had faced the same.

You must have read that smoking causes cancer and breathing problems but you might have overlooked the fact that it is also surreptitiously corroding the robustness of your precious teeth. Well, do not worry, medical science has developed enough to help you confront such obnoxiousness and kiss you with complete teeth whitening with all its awesomeness.


We know your mind, your inner-callings, and the fact that white teeth means a lot to you, for we have summarized a few information below that may help you to enliven your smile with white teeth redefined! Please check in and apply for better health life and progress.

  1. Quit Smoking Quit Smoking for Better Dental & Oral Health

The first and foremost advice is to quit smoking as soon as possible. Have strong will power and join Yoga or Aerobic classes to divert your mind from frequent nicotine cravings. If you develop any withdrawal symptoms and they are going intense then consult a doctor to resolve those issues. You could also try nicotine gums that also helps in controlling smoking habits and promises your dream oral & dental health.

  1. Consult a Doctor if Dental Problems Worsens

If you have already developed cavity or any other oral health problems through smoking then promptly visit a dental clinic and consult doctor. The doctor would examine your condition and could ask you to go through Tooth Extraction or Dental Implants or Dental Dentures or any other treatment as decided by the dentists.

  1. Nicotine Deposition Adopt Necessary Dental Care Measures to Prevent Nicotine Deposition

If you are still smoking and decided not to cease it then brush your teeth thrice a day and always rinse your mouth after smoking. This would wash off the nicotine layer got stuck on the enamels. Moreover, try to minimize the intensity of smoking and avoid smoking before sleeping.

  1. Have Regular Dental Checkup

Have a periodic visit to dental clinics in order to stay updated about dental & oral health. If the dentist reports any flaw then take action immediately to prevent further health issues. Furthermore, minimizing sugar-rich food intake could also hinder the progress of tooth decay.

If you are a working professional or business person pre-occupied with busy schedules, and have very little time to look for a doctor’s consultation over dental issues caused by smoking then quickly go to Google and search for ABC123Dental clinic located in Texas. It proudly operates at places such as Fort Worth and Keller in Texas. The clinic has a proven track record of excellence over dental & oral treatments, including free one time consultation for new patients and free laser whitening for happy white smile.

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