7 Main Causes of Adult Tooth Loss and Decay

Tooth Loss in Adults

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The tongue is ever turning to the aching tooth”.

Tooth decay can happen to any of you causing pain and dental cavity. Slowly you can see that acid mixes with bacteria in the mouth and your tooth tends to erode at much faster pace.

Overlooking the fact and leaving it untreated can cause pain and the enamel starts to erode away affecting the soft nerves inside it.

See what can cause your tooth decay lead to tooth loss:

Tooth Loss in Adults

Poor oral hygiene practices

If you think that you are brushing and flossing every day and still you are not getting the perfect result then you most probably don’t know how it should be done. Visit a dentist to know the correct way to brush and floss.

At the same time, adults sometimes become twitchy about their own oral health. So if you skip brushing before you go off to sleep then you are making a ground for bacteria thus resulting in a tooth loss.

Profound tooth crack and Enamel issue

If you ever find that people who are having deep cracks in the teeth are more prone to tooth decay, as the more the deep crack the more plague and cavity feels comfortable. Dental sealants are of great use but that too is applied to an uninfected tooth.

Improper diet

If you tend to intake quite a lot amount of sugary and starchy food then the acid in them will start to exhaust your teeth at a much faster rate. Avoiding foods that are high in carbohydrates and in acids need to be avoided as these types of foods can eventually lead adult tooth decay and loss.

Sugary foodstuff

The more food contains sugar the more the teeth start reacting to it. Your mouth does not need too much of meal to undergo this decay it can happen just in one decay. But if you think “sugary food” has to be candy always then the case is not so. Sometimes food you eat daily has a little amount of sugar in them.

Acidic foods and drinks

More or less all kind of foods contain acids in them, it’s not always soda, and beer or wine even bread has an acidic element in them. Carbonated beverages can cause direct damage to your enamel just like sugary drinks.


If you nurture the habit of tooth grinding or bruxism then it will break your teeth apart. If you are unconsciously doing it at night then go visit the dentist, to restore your teeth. Tooth grinding is preventable with the use of “bite guard” or “night guard”.


If you find that someone in your family is facing the same problem then the problem, lies not in you but in your gene. So tooth problem can even start from your genetics.

Outcome of Poor Dental Care

  • 40% of the patients have reported that they had obtained no professional dental maintenance.
  • Only 13% has reported that too before tooth extraction.
  • Most patients — 60% — said they never or only infrequently brushed their teeth.
  • Only about 16% reported brushing their teeth twice a day.

Hurry up folks, don’t leave it untreated. You need to keep your mouth in the best condition to maintain proper health. Visit your ABC 123 Dentist to get your treatment and preventing your natural tooth to get lost forever from your life.

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