Don’t Involve Health Risks Eating Without Dentures


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5 problems people generally face

From the moment you start to breathe your appeal for food gets increase with time. But for the people who are losing out teeth because of some reason or the other feels the need to get dentures. But dentures are not always easy. The user may feel the pain, and at the same time eating food without dentures is risky.

It is not always favorable to wear your dentures but at the same time it involves several menaces to your health:

Problems without Dentures

1.  Gums and jaws can get injured

When you try to eat without teeth, you tend to exert more pressure in your gum and this can result in the damage of your gum tissues. The amount of pressure normal teeth exert is 200 to 250 pounds whereas with the application of dentures the pressure is near about 50 pounds.

There is difference between eating soup and having chicken. Dentures are adjusted with the help of gels and it is fixed with liquid fluid like substance.

The jawbone is flexible is susceptible to change. Without this pressure the bone becomes weekend over time and gets vulnerable for fractures.

2.  Affects digestion problem

Digestion starts from mouth, so when the food gets inside the mouth make sure that all debris fall in to one place for mastication. So when you start to chew the food particles without teeth, the particles remained as it is. It leads to gastrointestinal problems. Firstly you cannot get the right amount of nutrients that your body needs, secondly if the food is not chewed properly then complete digestion does not occur and this can lead to bacterial growth, flatulence, and other signs of indigestion.

The process goes like this that the moment you chew the food it goes inside the tract and then gradually into the intestine. But if you don’t have teeth then your mouth will salivate less and hence the food is not digested well. Saliva helps to relax the lower end of the muscles in the stomach, called pylorus.

3.  TMJ disorder

The temporomadibular joints in the jaw are vulnerable and hence if you start chewing without dentures you exert more pressure hence breaking the jaw bone.

4.  Remaining teeth can get damaged

The more you chew your food without dentures the more you affect the gums; it tends to get lose slowly and affecting the remaining teeth as well. Gradually the teeth starts to get lose and shred off.

5.  Bone reabsorption

It is process by which bone cells breaks down the bone tissues and this is a dangerous in which the minerals are released from the teeth, thereby the calcium from the bone tissue gets mixed in the blood. High levels of calcium, magnesiumphosphate and products of collagen are unconfined into the extracellular fluid.

Eating without teeth not only affects your teeth but also the entire metabolic system. Pay heed to the above risk and visit you’re nearby dentist in ABC123 DENTAL.

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