The Dental Implant Advantages Over Other Methods

Dental Implant

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Who can underestimate the importance of a confident smile? The simple answer to this question is, no one! Everyone is aware of the fact that for a confident and beautiful smile, a beautiful pair of teeth is the need of the hour, and a missing tooth will definitely not add to the shine. Implants are devices that are capable of replacing the roots of the missing teeth. They provide support to the crowns, bridges or the dentures.

Dental implants are surgically placed on the jawbone. These implants are in general, quite beneficial for general oral health as well. The basic advantage is that they are not required to be anchored to the other teeth, like that of the bridges. Dental implants are there for more than half a century and to enlighten you more on this topic, let us quickly go through the advantages it has over other methods of enhancing the appearance of the area, left vacant by an empty tooth.

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Advantages Of Dental Implant Over Other Methods

  • The implants render the advantage of preserving the positions of the surrounding teeth and make them look more comfortable and natural. Bridges and dentures have their own disadvantages, which can be eliminated with the use of implants.
  • Dental implants are useful for the overall health and hygiene of the teeth. Nowadays, bone grafts have been devised to help in anchoring the titanium implants, into the bone structure of the jaw. In this regard, even if one has an issue with bone degradation or gum disease, the procedure can still be performed. People opting for dentures often experience loss of bone as a result of the loss of their natural teeth.
  • There are three parts to a dental implant. It consists of the titanium peg which is inserted into and joins with the jawbone, the abutment, which juts out of the gum line and the actual crown, which is shaped and fitted by the dentist. This titanium implant helps in the growth of the bone and becomes stronger and feels like a natural tooth after some time. This is really a remarkable thing to happen as the bridges, on the other hand, can result in loss of bone.
  • There is no need to worry about the denture adhesives or having a constant feeling of your dentures slipping down when you are about to eat or speak.

We understand the various problems you face, while you have your tooth misplaced. You are not able to chew your food properly and as a result of your nutrition cycle also get affected. You lose your confidence while smiling as a lost tooth really gives a very bad appearance to your smile.

The implants can take away this plight from you and no one will come to know that you have had an implant done. So, once you visit us for an implant, the next time you can smile, talk or eat without anything constantly bogging you down. As dentures affect speech quality, we advise you to go for implants from our expert dentists if you have a missing tooth. For getting back your sense of taste and lost confidence, visit us at ABC 123 Dental at Texas or call at 817-656-1215 to schedule an appointment.

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