5 Mandatory Instructions to Follow if You Got a Root Canal

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The condition of your infected tooth could be highly severe, but did you know that a root canal therapy can help alter its state and save the tooth? When the dental pulp gets infected, it causes an enormous amount of pain, however, extracting the tooth might not always be the solution. A root canal can not only help you get rid of the discomfort, but can also safeguard the tooth from any further damage. But, it is also mandatory to follow a few instructions once you get through the surgery.


Root Canal Therapy
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Below are some aftercare measures which you must follow:

  • It matters what you eat after a  root canal surgery. Therefore, crunchy, sticky and hard foods must be strictly avoided. They can cause damage to the area where the surgery has been performed due to which, the healing time can get extended. You can rather eat foods such as mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, pudding, soup, hummus, ice cream and so on.


  • If you have a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth, it might be harmful to the surgical site. Thus, talk to your dentist about the dental condition that you are experiencing before going for the root canal.


  • The tooth and the area surrounding it would be tender after the surgery, so you have to make sure not to disturb that area. Be very careful when you brush or floss, cleaning your teeth and gums vigorously can lead to bleeding or trigger inflammation. Thus, remember to brush and floss gently.


  • There could be a change in your tooth structure after the root canal therapy as the interior part of the tooth is removed. And to protect it completely, a dental crown is needed to be fixed. The dentist will give you an appointment date once the root canal is completed.


  • Putting a lot of pressure on the area where the root canal has been performed can certainly cause dental pain. Hence, remember not to use that side for chewing your food. Use the opposite side while eating anything until and unless the surgical area recovers completely or you get a green signal from the dentist.

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