All You Need To Know About Dental Bridges


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Do you have a gap between your teeth due to tooth loss? This could make you feel uneasy. Don’t freak out! The hole in your smile can be filled with a dental bridge. Our dentists at ABC 123 Dental provide all of the facts on dental bridges on our blog.

What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge connects one or more abutment teeth with a substitute tooth (also known as a pontic). Your Keller dentist can make a bridge out of porcelain, silver, porcelain-fused metals, or gold, among other materials. Despite this, porcelain is the most preferred choice because it closely resembles and mixes in with natural teeth.

Oral Health Benefits Of Dental Bridges

A dental bridge has many benefits that have made it highly popular. The following are some of the advantages: Your Keller dentist has written this section down.

  • A dental bridge is an excellent tooth replacement option since it offers practical and cosmetic benefits. Filling in any ugly gaps helps restore and increase one’s confidence and grin. The bridge facilitates food chewing and biting, and since all holes are sealed, people can eat and chew daily. A dental bridge is practically unnoticeable because it is so close to the mouth’s anatomy.
  • A dental bridge assists in the long-term preservation of your mouth’s structure. When a tooth is missing, the teeth around it may shift or migrate apart, presenting a biting problem. A dental bridge, on the other hand, aids in the anchoring of the teeth around it, lowering the risk of movement and, as a result, biting issues.
  • A dental bridge can help you keep your facial structure by reducing the danger of jawbone loss. Tooth loss causes the jawbone to degenerate over time, but a dental bridge can help to prevent this.
  • Patients need to get used to the dental bridge for a short time because it appears and feels like an actual tooth.
  • Unlike dentures, dental bridges do not need to be cleaned and removed regularly because they can be maintained precisely like your natural teeth with proper oral hygiene.

What Is The Cost Of A Dental Bridge?

Several factors influence the cost of a dental bridge. It typically ranges from $2000 to $15,000. For a more precise estimate, speak with your dentist in Keller.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Dental Bridge

Some factors determine the cost of a dental bridge. Your dentist in Keller has created the following list for a better understanding.

  • The total number of lost teeth or the number of teeth must be replaced.
  • The dentistry office’s geographical location
  • The procedure’s complexity level
  • X-rays and dental exams will be used to identify the type of material used to construct the bridge.
  • Many other supplementary procedures
  • The type of dental bridge that is being used.

We hope this blog has provided all the information on dental bridges. Please book an appointment with us at ABC 123 Dental for the best dental bridges in Keller, TX.

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