Tooth Extraction: Definition, Reasons & After-Care Instructions


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Adults and children alike are terrified of wisdom tooth extractions. However, as technology progresses, it is feasible to choose less invasive wisdom tooth extraction methods. Our dentists at ABC 123 Dental have offered some information on teeth extractions in this blog.

What Is Tooth Extraction?

Milk teeth loosen naturally and give way to permanent teeth so that they can be removed from a child’s mouth without the need for dental intervention. The complete extraction of one or more teeth from the mouth is referred to as tooth extraction. A dental surgeon is usually the one who performs this surgery.

When Do You Need Tooth Extraction?

  • Teeth that have been impacted by tooth decay or periodontal disease to the point where they can no longer be treated with a filling, crown, or root canal
  • A fractured or damaged tooth is beyond repair due to an injury or trauma.
  • An abscess in the mouth or gums that has compromised the tooth’s root
  • Crowding of teeth is known as malocclusion.
  • Impaction of teeth (most typically wisdom teeth) resulting in tooth failure to emerge from the gum

How To Reduce Pain After Your Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Your Fort Worth dentist has advised you to deal with the pain that follows your extraction. This will help you recuperate healthily and speed up the healing process.

Prop Your Head Up

Maintain a high position with your head supported up on a pillow. This will provide adequate relaxation and speed up your healing following wisdom teeth extraction.

Opt For Icepacks

Cold packs should be applied to the extraction site for the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours following the therapy. This will temporarily reduce puffiness and bring relief. Heat packs should be used 48 hours following the extraction operation if you want immediate pain alleviation.

Get Rid Of Straws

Stop using straws over the following few days. Sucking can cause a blood clot to displace, causing dry sockets. Dry sockets can promote infection and impede the healing process. If you have dry sockets, make an appointment with your dentist in Fort Worth.

Avoid Brushing

You should not brush, spit, or even use mouthwash for at least 24 hours after the extraction. After that, you can clean your teeth. After each meal, rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. This will hasten your recovery after teeth extraction in Fort Worth, TX.

No Alcohol & Tobacco

Tobacco and alcohol use can cause your recovery to be slowed. It has the potential to cause dry mouth and other oral health issues.

Opt For Soft Food Items

Follow a liquid diet over the next twenty-four hours after surgery. During this period, soups and yogurt are the most acceptable options. After a day, consult your Fort Worth dentist and gradually transition to semi-soft foods.

Use Painkillers

You can get pain medicine from your dentist in Fort Worth. This will help to reduce your pain and keep it under control. You can also find immediate relief from chronic pain.

We hope this blog will help you to learn more about teeth extractions. Please book an appointment with us at ABC 123 Dental for the best teeth extraction procedures in Fort Worth, TX.

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