Decayed Wisdom Tooth? – 4 Crucial Things You Need To Do Right Now.

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Did you notice decay in your wisdom tooth? Much of higher rate of people wants their wisdom to get uprooted. Are you one of them?

Before the consequence gets severe you know what needs to be done.

The following signs of decay in wisdom teeth are as follows:

  1. Your jaw starts to pain
  2. Infections spread all around the soft tissues.
  3. Cysts that develop in the mouth
  4. Damaged caused to nearby tissues
  5. Persistent and severe gum diseases
  6. Tooth starts to decay.
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Immediate treatment that will help to reduce your pain:

  • Take warm salt water to rinse your mouth inside this will give you a quick healing.
  • But if your wisdom tooth is infected then it can only be treated with antibiotics. But if you are affected by any other health issues then complications may arise from these infections.
  • X-ray will detect if your wisdom teeth are causing problems.
  • Like you know that wisdom teeth are large in shape and size, so in that case, as the teeth are large in size a deep incision needs to be done to pluck off the teeth. After tooth extraction gum will remain swollen for few days.

What if the pain lingers longer?

In that case, usually visiting your dentist is the safest option. This can be done in your dentist office e with the help of local anesthesia. If dentist thinks that the tooth needs to be extracted he will do so.

Before extraction is done your dentist will tell you what types of anesthesia and sedatives he will use.

A wisdom tooth can put neighboring tooth at risk:

Your mouth is suited to adjust twenty-eight pair, but just as wisdom teeth start to grow space gets lessened and this third molar creates a trap for dental plaque and debris, thereby affecting the adjacent molar.

Daily brushing will not lessen the problem, as the bristles are not long enough to reach the inner trapped food inside your mouth. Hence it increases the risk of cavity formation.

Suggestions to care after surgery:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water. Mix a tinge of salt in it.
  • Take soft foods to relax the tissues in your mouth.
  • Do not smoke for 48 hours of surgery.
  • Avoid drinking.


  • Researchers have said 39 % of people have lost at least 1 wisdom tooth.
  • 3 % of the adjacent molars are affected by cavities.

Visit your ABC123 Dentist to get your treatment and preventing pain in wisdom.

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