10 Things to do When Your Wisdom Tooth Hurts You like Hell

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The bad news is, when your wisdom starts to pain.

Good news is, it won’t last.

Wisdom teeth have nothing to do with your wisdom. Here are some quick remedies to do away with pain.

You can call wisdom tooth as an intruder amidst all the teeth in the mouth. The wisdom tooth can occur at the age of 17 to 25, the pain becomes will not help you grow your wisdom but if you try out some natural remedies then you can bear with it.

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Oil pulling

This is the most effective method to ensure that your teeth are in good health. You will not eliminate toxin every morning but it will soothe your pain from the gum. Take in coconut or sesame oil in your mouth then whirl it around for 15 to 20 minutes, then spit it out with Luke warm water.

Guava leaves

Do you know that apart from the fruits, the leaves have its own significance? Boil some of the leaves for three minutes, then chew those boiled leaves for thirty seconds and spit them out. This will relieve you from pain.

Tea tree oil

The name sounds healing, try to apply this for five minutes and massage the gum area with oil. This wills instantly relief you from pain.

Ice pack

From age-old times ice has been an effective solution for any kind of pain. So put an ice pack on the side of the jaw.


Place vanilla infused in a cotton ball and applies directly to the wisdom tooth directly. Thus it helps to remove pain.


Peppermint oil can be used as the mouthwash, as this heals the pain in due course of time.


Garlic has amazing antibiotic properties; if you put some garlic juice on the area of a toothache then the pain reduces ten times.


A little amount of cheese is it cheddar or mozzarella can reduce the pain and heal up bleeding oozing from the gum.


It is incredible for tooth pain and has been used by numerous people for a quick respite. To use wheatgrass to get relief from the pain connected with rising wisdom teeth, simply whoosh a small amount of the juice in your mouth for minutes, this will help to remove the toxins around the tooth and hence it helps to take away the pain.

Mustard oil

Massaging mustard oil in your gum can ease you in pain and strengthen your teeth to make it stronger. Warm up some mustard oil and let it chill down to lukewarm. Then gently rub this oil on the aching area.

Relieving the pain that comes along with the presence of wisdom teeth can be healed applying this treatment. If the pain does not decrease then do not leave it untreated, but instead immediately visit ABC123 Dental.

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