Dental Care to Avoid Cavities

Dental cavities

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Cavity TeethThe most commonly found dental injury is having cavities. They usually form on back molars which experience the most chewing force and food particles can often get stuck in the recesses. Avoiding cavities requires good oral care on your part. Quitting some habits like smoking can also help keep your teeth in good condition. The commonly used method to fix cavities is root canal therapy to clean out infections and using fillings to plug the hole.

Why do cavities happen?

Cavity FormationCavities usually form from bacterial deposits. The food particles that get stuck in the teeth are like a magnet to bacteria and deposit will form a sticky colorless plaque. This is easy to get rid of with regular brushing and flossing. However, if left in place, it turns into tartar which is harder to clean with conventional methods. This calls for the tools and finesse of a dental care professional.

Plaque and tartar wears down the enamel over time and this happens from the surface down. Once the deposits break down the enamel, it can infect the sensitive pulp chamber below and cause considerable pain. This chamber also houses the nerves so the pain is quite intense and your only mode of recovery from this point on is to get root canal therapy done by a professional dentist.

Avoiding cavities

Avoid CavitiesIf the deposits have reached the pulp chamber, it is very probable that the bacterial infestation has reached the more sensitive root of the tooth. From this point, the dentist will need to perform root canal therapy and use fillings to fix the condition. This will render your tooth mostly dead as the pulp chamber is no longer naturally filled.

Avoiding cavities requires you to follow good oral hygiene. Sugary foods are a tooth’s greatest enemy and this is why children run the risk of developing cavities the most. A good diet, regular brushing and flossing, and frequent checkups with your dental care professional are sound ways to ensure that your dental health stays in good condition.

There are some mouthwashes and toothpastes that can cause decay in your teeth. These should be avoided at all costs and always go for products that have been prescribed by your dentist. If you indulge in habits like smoking and drinking, you can try to minimize it as they contain elements that are harmful for your teeth.

Professional treatment procedures

Treating cavities professionally is the best way to ensure that you don’t encounter further problems. Usually the pain drives you to the dentist, but if you’re looking for a home remedy when the cavity has already formed, your options are limited and temporary. Your dental care professional will recommend root canal therapy which is the most effective way of dealing with this condition.
The dentist drills right through your cavity to the roots and cleans out the plaque and other bacterial deposits. The next step is to close the cavity using specially made fillings. These will ensure that the tooth is protected from further deposits. You will be advised on how to take care of your filled tooth. Proper hygiene is the best defense against most dental problems.

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