Dental Implants & Bridges – A Case Study on Cost and Benefits

Dental Implants Vs Dental Bridges

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Dental ImplntThe tooth is mainly comprised of two distinct parts – the crown and the root. The crown is the visible part and the root is covered by gums and bone. The dental implant is a replacement of the root and uses artificial crowns to imitate the visible parts. Bridges, however, make use of crowns and do not require the presence of a root to be affixed in place. The adjacent teeth are chiseled to act as anchor teeth so that the crowns can remain fixed.

There are a variety of materials you can use to build your implants and bridges, and the material for your crown will determine the aesthetic quality of your teeth. Understanding which option is better suited for your condition is important when deciding whether to go for dental implants or dental bridges. You should also consider your affordability as implants are very expensive and if that becomes your only option, you should be able to afford that treatment for the sake of your dental health.

The importance of Implants and Bridges

Dental bridgesIn modern times, a dentist will always recommend implants for your tooth replacement as it is a long term solution, but proves to be very expensive. Bridges are cheaper but needs to be replaced at regular intervals. Without these paraphernalia to help you out, the affected tooth will prove to be a hindrance to basic mouth functions, cause uneven bites, TMJ disorders, crowding and make you deal with a quite a considerable amount of pain.

There are some significant changes you need to make to your dental hygiene routines. These will help you keep a better oral care routine that you may not have kept before which led to your tooth being replaced. Caring for your new implants and bridges, you will considerably improve other sections of your dental condition.

Making the right choice – Functions VS Affordability

Implants are a more permanent solution as they last a lot longer than bridges. They are both aesthetic choices as they both can have customized artificial crowns that can imitate natural teeth. The main difference lies in how they can affect the surrounding teeth and their longevity.

As a rule, dental implants last a lot longer than bridges. They both deal with crowns so there’s hardly much difference in aesthetic quality or functioning – it depends on the quality of the artificial build. Implants require surgery to place and have a healing time. Bridges use the surrounding teeth as anchor supports to keep in place. This can sometimes lead to tooth decay and have harmful consequences.

Implants are a totally artificial complete tooth, with roots and attached to the bone, and hence do not damage surrounding teeth. It may cause infections, but with proper oral care and hygiene, you can easily avoid complications. But this can be a very expensive option as it relies on surgery to get the job done, and if you compromise on the right material, it won’t be as cost effective in the long run.

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