Fort Worth Dentist offers treatment to Patients, New teeth & Alternative to Dentures just in a day

Dental Care Same Day

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Step into DR.Pham of Dentistry and feel the change in a glance. His inattentiveness has increased the comfort level of patient much more through the course of time.

It has raised its standard of treatment and has earned the zenith of success in due course of time. Cosmetic dentist, Mike Pham has been practicing through almost 10 – 15  years.

Scrolling the reviews from patients, his technique has appealed many people. He has taken up advance usage of technology and researched to use an alternative method for dental implant specially for the patients who does not want to go with dentures. All –on -4 TM is a new strategy taken up by Pham who cures patients in one visit.

Dental Care Same Day

For patients who are facing tooth damage or may have gaps in tooth or probably the worst condition whose teeth are missing, and options gets lowered or  when has already lost a tooth, dentures were  the patients only choice.

Those who want to avoid removable denture for edentulous patient or someone whose tooth has been weakened, Mike Pham has implemented this technique using  in a day.

His priority has been objectified in two smart goals:

  • Worn out, old damaged tooth are removed.
  • Teeth and dental implant are done in a day.

Dentist gives us many check list ranging from a denture, flipper to partial denture until extraction of the area where teeth has been replaced heals.

Dental implants have come down since 20 to 30 years, Mike Pham highlights the All-on -4TM technique which has made the work smarter and faster than any traditional dental implants would allow otherwise.

To make it much more convenient 3D Scan process is used to make conventional diagnosis. He has been able to fulfill both roles of a prosthetic dentist and an oral surgeon. The results have been blooming with success.

If anyone is facing major tooth loss or needs implantation then, this is the best place. Step in with pain surely you will go out with a smile.

Mike Pham provides general and cosmetic dentistry in Haltom City, TX. He works as a collaborator
to give multi disciplinary treatment to patients and finally leaving them with a smile. With his years
of experience his specialty include General Dentistry, Teeth whitening procedure, Dental Implants etc.

Rejuvenate your smile with Dr. Mike Pham. Let go with stains, spots and bad breadth, you are just one call away from him.You can fix an appointment or just can contact with him directly in 817.615.1215 OR 817.482.15555

About Dr. Mike Pham:

Dr Pham  was born in Vietnam and raised in Fort Worth, TX. He attended the University of Texas at Arlington for his undergraduate studies and Baylor College of Dentistry for his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Dr. Pham is very active in the community and donate their time to several organizations.

He volunteers at Mission Arlington provides dental care at no cost to children with the Save a Smile Program. He also work hand in hand with Communities in Schools to help families acquire the needed financial assistance to take care of their dental needs.

He’s goal is to give back to the community by providing preventative dental care to parents that otherwise could not afford to get these done. When they are not practicing their passion for dentistry, Dr Pham enjoy being with their families, working out and playing racket ball.  [Source ->]

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