Making Sure your Child’s Teeth Develop Correctly

kids oral care

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Parents must ensure that their child is growing teeth properly in order to protect them from bad bite. The development of primary teeth begins when the baby is in the form of fetus.

During its birth the baby has 20 sets of primary teeth which remain underneath the gums. These primary teeth are basically called deciduous teeth or milk teeth.

Types of teeth with their names:

  • Incisors-The front teeth in lower and upper jaw .They act like a scissor to cut the food when entered inside the mouth.
  • Canines -Pointed teeth on both sides of incisor which helps in the tearing flesh.
  • Premolars –Flat in nature to crush and crunch food in mouth.
  • Molars– Larger than premolars, with flat broad surface which helps to grind food.

One must prevent the growth of crooked teeth inside mouth:

It affects once self esteem and it is detrimental for future, leading in gum disease as well as can generate cavities in mouth resulting difficulties in speech.

Sometimes babies grow the habit of thumb sucking, which creates a constant pressure in the gum. So when gum disease is there in the young child bacteria formation can take place inside the gum, therefore eroding it gradually. Brushing gently needs to be practiced.

kids oral care
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If a child faces tooth loss early, then child must visit to doctor rather than leaving it untreated. Crooked teeth generally grow due to poor dental health. Attention must be given to child’s gum and teeth, and promote dental habits and lowers the risk of inflammation in gum.

Whether a child is still a baby or posses both permanent and milk teeth, but one needs to be careful enough to take care of both from the beginning. One must be careful with pacifier and thumb sucking; we all know that these are common habits.

So in order to avoid these; certain  habits should be eliminated by the age of three. But if it is mandatory for some babies to use pacifier then some rules should be taken under consideration:

  • Pacifier should not be coated in sugar, honey, or sweet drinks.
  • It should not be cleaned with mouth.
  • Pacifier should not be used with liquid interiors or moving parts.

Gums should be given special attention:

Gums should be taken care from the beginning of the child’s birth, some new habits should be practiced they are:

  • Warm and clean wet washcloth.
  • Damp piece of gauze must be wrapped around finger.
  • An infant thimble used for brushing gums.

Avoiding certain sugary drinks like:

  • Milk products
  • Gummy bears
  • Raisins
  • Candy
  • Soda

As child starts growing gradually they start losing their deciduous teeth and in this process their permanent teeth starts coming out, this process is called eruption. It may sometimes happen that the kid’s teeth start to grow backwards towards the tongue and after few months it gradually becomes straight.

It can be very exciting for a child when he starts to lose teeth at the primary stage but if the tooth is not coming straight then what needs to be done. One can undergo two phase of orthodontic treatment. It starts with two steps of treatment .The first phase of treatment when the baby grows their baby teeth.

Braces may or may not be used at the first phase. But when one reaches their teens, Tongue Spur helps to reduce thumb sucking and Tongue movement-this leads to form crooked teeth.

The second phase occurs when the child goes under second phase of treatment, that is during the growth of permanent teeth. Braces are used during this process helps to modify crooked teeth and bite. This might last from 18 to 36 months.

Give up teeth grinding, ditch bad habits like thumb sucking, and do away with using dummies for healthy teeth to develop correctly.

For more tips on how to maintain the dental health of your Child, visit our Fort Worth,TX office!

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