A Set of Healthy and Strong Teeth Can Put a Smile on Your Little One’s Face

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The sight of kids with jovial faces gives us an immense amount of joy but, even a minor dental problem can leave them with a gloomy face. Most kids don’t express what they are going through and as responsible parents, you must do your best to identify what the actual problem is. Encouraging them to follow a meticulous dental hygiene will put them on the path of achieving a healthy mouth which can be beneficial for them even when they grow up.

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This write-up could be guidance to parents who want to enhance their child’s dental health.

  • Brushing with fluoride toothpaste certainly help prevent decayed tooth but, did you know using an excessive amount could lead to fluorosis? Your child might not have the ability to rinse properly due to which the little one may swallow the fluoride toothpaste by mistake while spitting it out. Therefore, always remember to use a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste before making your little one brush. 
  • Thumb sucking can lead to misaligned or crooked teeth, thus encourage your little one to give up on the habit. However, consulting your child’s pediatric dentist would be the right thing to do. A pediatrician might suggest you an anti-thumb sucking liquid for your little one. 
  • Your child might get anxious while visiting a dental office but, the fear may diminish if you tell them what to expect during their visit. Also, let them know about the benefits of getting their mouth checked and how it can be advantageous for them in the long run. 
  • Your toddler might not sleep without drinking a sweetened liquid from a baby bottle, but, did you know it could be the root cause of cavities? The disease is termed as baby bottle tooth decay and it can majorly damage the front teeth of your little one. Hence, try not to feed them anything sweet before sleeping. 
  • Sealants can be extremely effective for your child. They might not be able to clean certain hard-to-reach areas properly and getting them sealed can help prevent decayed tooth. A non-invasive process is used to place sealants thus, your little one may not go through any pain during the treatment.

Parents must urge their child to follow good dental habits right from the beginning. Call us @817-656-1215 to improve your little one’s oral health.

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