Invisalign Makes it Easy to Maintain Better Oral,Dental Hygiene

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There could be a huge impact on your smile if your teeth are crooked or misaligned. It can also lead to serious oral problems and make brushing as well as flossing difficult. With advanced, dental devices, straightening teeth has become extremely easy these days. You don’t have to rely on traditional braces anymore because Invisalign happens to be an advanced way of aligning crooked teeth.

Invisalign can also be termed as clear aligner which looks almost transparent. It does not cause discomfort unlike conventional braces rather it is extremely comfortable to wear.

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Apart from being almost invisible, the clear aligner is also associated with other advantages which are listed down.

  • You must know that traditional braces have metal brackets which are visible and it is not the same when it comes to Invisalign. It enhances your appearance and makes you sport a smile with confidence.


  • We have mentioned at the beginning of the post that brushing and flossing get tough with conventional braces due to which, the debris get trapped in the metal brackets. This can lead to major oral diseases by forming plaque. However, Invisalign can be easily taken off whenever you feel like. This means you can not only maintain a proper oral hygiene by being able to brush and floss properly, but also remove the clear dental aligner before eating anything.


  • The metal wires in conventional braces which are protruding can irritate your gums and also cause bruises if broken, hence, it might not be safe. Invisalign is a clear aligner without any metal brackets or wires, therefore, it is absolutely safe to opt for.


  • Invisalign can give faster results when compared to conventional braces. But for that, you also need to wear the clear aligner for a sufficient span of time every day.

Some Measures Can Keep Your Invisalign Intact

  • Don’t clean the clear aligner with an abrasive toothpaste or a hard-bristled toothbrush. You can clean it with an antibacterial toothpaste though to avoid abrasion.


  • Make sure to wash your hands properly before inserting the Invisalign.


  • Never clean the clear aligner with boiling hot water because doing this may warp it.


  • Remember to brush and floss before wearing the clear dental aligner.


  • Store it in a place which is bacteria free.

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