Don’t Get Puzzled Before Your Root Canal Treatment, Know How it Is Performed

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A decayed tooth has made all of us suffer at one point of time because the pain that it causes is insufferable. And when that happens, a lot of people decide to get the tooth extracted. But, extraction is not the only option all the time, wouldn’t you want to safeguard your decayed tooth if you could get a chance? A root canal treatment will let you do that and having a knowledge about its procedure could be of help.

Root Canal Therapy
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It’s better to have a wide idea about a dental treatment before choosing it and for your better understanding, we have described the procedure of root canal before.

A Brief Insight Into the Process

  • Firstly, the endodontist will examine your tooth followed by administering a local anesthetic in order to numb the tooth.
  • A dental dam is then put on the tooth to keep it clean and dry.
  • Right after that, the pulp is cleared to make space for the filling and a dental drill is used to make a hole till the tooth’s pulp chamber.
  • A biocompatible material is then used to fill the space. A lot of dentists put a temporary filling but it gets removed once the tooth is reinstated. And once that is done, your dentist will put a crown on the restored tooth.

Could Root Canal be Painful?

The term root canal dreads a lot of people. The procedure might sound a little complicated, but it yields great results. Any dental surgery would cause some discomfort and the same goes for a root canal. However, with the introduction of advanced dental technologies, the treatment today has become less complicated.

What to Expect After the Treatment?

The natural tissue of the tooth might get inflamed after the surgery and a sensitivity may trigger if this happens but there is nothing to worry about. Consult your dentist if the condition escalates.

When Would Be the Right Time to Eat?

Wait until the anesthetic to get worn off completely because until then the tooth would remain numb. Therefore, eating something right after the surgery could lead to some uncalled problems. You must follow a diet chart for a few days after the surgery, don’t eat anything hard rather have only soft foods such as curd, mashed potatoes, pudding and so on.

Get in touch with us today @817-656-1215 if you have any other query regarding a root canal treatment. We will give you a clear picture of it.

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