Living With Invisalign®


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Invisalign® is becoming increasingly popular in dental care. With adults deciding against orthodontic braces because of the way they look, clear aligners like Invisalign® have stepped into the market and made a big impact. Did you know that celebrities like Justin Bieber, Serena Williams, and Tom Cruise have all straightened their teeth with Invisalign®?

While you’ve always wanted to know what their everyday lives are like, we can only help you know what their lives have been like with Invisalign® treatment!

  • The most comfortable orthodontic treatment you can think of!

While you go through orthodontic treatment with your Invisalign®, you would be amazed by how comfortable it feels. Invisalign® is incredibly smooth and light unlike dental braces and has no wires or brackets to discomfort you!

They are removable so you can take them off when you eat, brush and floss. What’s more, you wouldn’t even have to be very conscious about your smile, since people around you wouldn’t even notice that you’re wearing aligners!

  • Who needs to visit the dentist every now and then?!

Do you even know how many times you’d have to visit the orthodontist regularly when you have dental braces? Invisalign® spares you from this hassle. While you need to change your aligners every two weeks and monitor your progress once a month, that’s just it!

  • You know where you’re heading!

With Invisalign® treatment, you have a precise idea of how your teeth will align and straighten over time. This is because the progress of the treatment is entirely computerized with a 3D plan. As per Dental,

“The 3D plan allows you to see ‘before and after’ views of your teeth before the treatment has even begun. This allows you and your dentist or orthodontist to visualize the predicted outcome of your treatment and discuss different treatment options you may want to consider.”

  • Just a little bit of struggle at first!

When you start wearing your aligners for the first time, you might feel a little uncomfortable with that thing in your mouth. You’d experience some speech difficulties as well. However, after the first week, you’d have no problems whatsoever! It’s just like getting a piercing for the first time and having to adjust to it for a few days until they become a part of you!

  • Eat what you want!

As per the official website of the product, you don’t need to stop living your life a single bit! You can eat whatever you’ve been eating with zero restrictions. Before you forget, dental braces put a ton of restrictions on your diet! However, keep a check on what you eat for the sake of your healthy teeth!

Now’s the twist! Not everyone is fit for Invisalign® treatment. There are certain dental complications that only orthodontic braces can cure. Check this out to find out if you’re the right candidate for Invisalign®.

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