6 Signs That You May Be a Good Candidate for Dental Dentures in Keller

dental dentures in keller

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Dental dentures are amazing alternatives to missing teeth. Although implants are known to be more effective and comforting than dentures are, dental dentures cost way less than implants and are thus more popular.

Although dentists themselves recommend dental implants for replacing missing teeth, if you ever happen to replace your teeth and are set to a limited budget, do consider dentures! Talking about which, how do you know that you might be a good candidate to get dental dentures? To help you out, look for the 6 following signs!

1. Missing teeth

If you still have a perception that dentures are just for people who have lost all or most of their teeth, you’re wrong! Partial dentures could replace as few as two teeth and are inexpensive. Missing teeth put a dent on your otherwise beautiful smile! Thus, if you have missing teeth, do not compromise on your self-esteem and get dental dentures, today!

 2.Your teeth are loose or are shifting 

Do you have loose teeth? Are your teeth shifting from their original positions? Are the gaps between your teeth becoming wide? Get dental dentures now before you have to spend a day without one or more of your teeth!

 3.You have gingivitis 

Gingivitis, or gums disease eventually leads to tooth loss. However, if treated at an early stage, this is preventable. If you are past that early stage though, the bone beneath your gums would start to recede invariably.

Since the jawbone acts as the support for the roots of the teeth, receding of the jawbone would result in tooth loss. In that case, dental dentures are the most affordable option that you can consider for replacing your teeth.

 4.Your teeth are infected or decaying 

If one or more of your teeth are decaying or are infected, you must not keep them in your mouth. The infection and the decay would only spread to the rest of your teeth and the situation would become uncontrollably worse. Thus, extract the ones that are infected and get them replaced with dental dentures.

 5.You have broken, fractured or chipped teeth

If you have chipped or broken teeth, you may suffer from oral injuries from them in the future. A fractured tooth can even lead to oral health problems. Moreover, they don’t look good on you! Dental dentures are the most affordable way for you to replace them!

6. You have difficulties while chewing

Do you struggle to chew sometimes? It could be because there is an underlying infection in your teeth, or they may have become loose. Consult with your dentist if they are likely to fall off anytime soon, and get dental dentures straight away!

Now that you’ve read about the signs, you know when to get dental dentures! And if you reside anywhere in or near Keller, and you’re asking, “Where could I get the best and affordable dental dentures near me?”, click here!

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