New Year, New You: 5 Tips to Prevent Gum Disease in 2024

5 tips to prevent gum disease in 2024

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Being cavity-free or having a charming smile are not guarantees that you do not have gum disease. Periodontal disease, often known as gum disease, is an infection that develops as a result of gum inflammation and the degeneration of the tissues and bones that surround teeth. Once the tooth root (gum) is damaged by inflammation, the affected tooth parts (gum tissues and bones) deteriorate.

As per the American Academy of Periodontology, periodontal diseases often remain asymptomatic until reaching their peak. Anyone can be susceptible to gum disease at any point, yet it is possible to prevent and treat it at an early stage.

What Causes Gum Diseases?


One of the main reasons for gum disease in patients is immune system-compromising illnesses. For instance, high blood sugar levels caused by diseases like diabetes are harmful to the body. Individuals who have this are more likely to experience severe gum disease consequences. The immune system is attacked by other illnesses, particularly viral ones like HIV and cancer, which weakens the body as a whole, including the teeth.

Hormonal Changes

Gum disease is brought on by a few hormonal changes in people, particularly in females at specific phases of their lives. In females, excessive hormone secretion causes periodontal disease, which deteriorates if left untreated.

Growing teenage girls’ bodies release large amounts of progesterone and estrogen during puberty to undergo physical changes associated with sexual maturation and adulthood. The huge hormone explosion could bring on gum disease. The teens have gingivitis, which is characterized by red, swollen, and bleeding gums.

In addition, women undergo hormonal changes related to menopause and pregnancy that lead to gum disease. It is crucial to remember that if treatment is delayed, it may get worse.  

Poor Oral Hygiene

The chance of developing periodontal disease is increased when basic hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing, are neglected. Maintaining proper dental hygiene can help stave off gum disease, cavities, and other health risks like cancer.

Bad Habits

Gum disease is brought on by certain persistent behaviors that men engage in. A sample of the few routines consists of the following:

  • Biting one’s nails: Biting one’s nails increases the risk of bacterial contamination of the hands and fingers during regular activities. For the benefit of your dental health, it is therefore advised that you remove those fingers from your mouth.
  • Smoking: Smoking has an impact on the kidneys and lungs. It also affects the entire mouth, including the gums. Smoking damages every aspect of the mouth, leaving no cure, from weak tissues and bones to dark teeth, falling teeth, and bone loss.
  • Overindulgence in acidic beverages: Fruit juice or wine might taste quite good. While some of these beverages are good for us, consuming too much of them can seriously harm our teeth and gums despite their many health advantages.  
  • Poor oral hygiene: As was mentioned in the preceding paragraph, gum disease can result from forgetting to practice good oral hygiene, which includes brushing and flossing twice a day.


Occasionally, medications and syrups recommended by physicians and healthcare professionals exacerbate the etiology of gum disease. Certain medications cause the circulation of saliva to decrease, which raises the susceptibility rate.

5 Gum Disease Prevention Tips

Maintain Proper Dental Hygiene

Maintaining good dental hygiene is the easiest and most likely successful strategy to prevent gum disease. Every morning, make sure to floss and brush your teeth to eliminate food particles, tartar, and plaque from all areas of your mouth. If you have any concerns or need professional guidance on your dental care routine, consider scheduling a visit with a dentist in Haltom City to ensure optimal oral health.

Quit Smoking

Tobacco use and smoking hurt teeth and gums as well as weaken the immune system. If you want to be healthy and have straight teeth, don’t smoke.

Increase Your Vitamin C Intake

Vitamin C boosts immunity to stave off infections and aids in the prevention and slow progression of periodontal disease.

Consume a Well-Rounded Diet

You need to be mindful of your diet to prevent swollen gums and other signs of periodontal disease. Consume wholesome foods to help maintain strong teeth.

Maintain Hydration

Plaque and food remnants in the corners of your teeth can be removed with the use of water. It also guards against dry mouth and tooth decay. You can substitute sugar and calorie-free liquid for acidic drinks.

Take charge of your oral health today. Schedule a dental check-up with your nearest dentist in Haltom City, TX, and follow these tips to ensure a gum-disease-free 2024. Unlock the potential of your confident smile – commit to a resolution that truly matters!

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