Is it Possible to Whiten Your Dental Fillings?


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Is your smile looking awkward because of some teeth being discolored more than treated, filled ones? It is important to keep to aesthetics when using artificial fillings and crowns as they rarely lose their sheen. However the surrounding teeth are not that lucky and can suffer severe discoloration and can make your smile look askew and embarrassing.

Why do your teeth get discolored?

discolored tooth

Teeth have a natural white color that is retained by good enamel health. However, with increased plaque and tartar deposits, the enamel can get stained and lose its natural white color.

    1. Your teeth can also get discolored if the underlying bones decays killing the tooth in the process. You can consult with your dentist or dental hygienist in order to get it treated.
    2. If the tooth itself is not damaged, your dental care professional will recommend a cleaning and whitening treatment to return the affected teeth to their proper color.
    3. If decay is the cause, you might require further treatments in order to completely restore the affected teeth.


    1. Generally, dental implants, if made of porcelain, do not lose their color and does not require whitening. However, keeping tabs on the surrounding teeth can show a difference in color as they can lose their color naturally and require regular cleaning treatments to retain aesthetics.


Can you do it with fillings?

Typically, bonded fillings prevent teeth whitening treatments from being administered. Replacements may become necessary if the difference in color becomes too much or if the surrounding teeth are in some danger of being damaged or decayed. Veneers and artificial crowns are better for whitening treatments as they are sturdier and less susceptible to complications when the treatments are applied.

As a rule, the bonded fillings themselves cannot be whitened. If you are looking for aesthetic makeovers, depending on the condition of your teeth you may need to get a complete overhaul in order to blend the artificial teeth with the natural ones.

Do it yourself and teeth whitening at home

There are several DIY teeth whitening kits available at your local pharmacy that boast of effective results when even with artificial teeth. These kits are more generalized and may contain a higher concentration of whitening chemicals that can ultimately harm your teeth.

Your dental care professional can customize a teeth whitening kit for your use at home. These usually come with customized trays that administer medication directly to your teeth and gums. For best results, contact your dental hygienist for recommendations or you can call our offices @ (817) 656-1215/(817) 484-0705.

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