It’s Time To Break Up With Your Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth

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In adults as well as children, sensitive teeth have become a serious issue in recent years. Although not very serious, it happens when the enamel of the teeth gets worn down to the point where the nerves get exposed. This is followed by severe toothaches that borders on unbearable.

If it is allowed to continue without treatments, it may lead to severe dental problems which include gum diseases, and damaged, decayed teeth. All it takes is a simple change in your daily routine to make a big difference.

Softer brushes damage less

The leading cause for sensitive teeth is brushing exuberantly to such an extent that the enamel is worn off in the process. Harder bristles have a similar effect on the teeth and should be avoided. It is better to use softer bristles in order to avoid a painful experience as is expected with sensitive teeth. Your dental care professional can advise on the type of toothbrush that would be best suited for your condition.

Try avoiding certain foods

Try Avoiding Certain Foods

Foods can contribute heavily to sensitive teeth. Consulting your dental care professional, you will receive a typical list of foods to avoid like citrus fruit juices, soft drinks, soda, coffee and yogurt among others.

Acidic foods can act as a catalyst that speeds up tooth decaying processes and damage your enamel. It is advisable to avoid these foods completely, or to avoid contact with teeth as much as possible. Have a glass of milk to neutralize acidic foods in case of emergencies.

Dental appliances as preventive measure

  • Many people are innocent of the fact that they clench and grind their teeth in their sleep. You can avoid it altogether by using mouth guards (as used in contact sports like boxing in order to protect teeth) and also use this during the day.
  • Practicing good oral hygiene is also important as most dental problems are directly caused by improper maintenance and poor hygiene.
  • Flossing and brushing regularly as advised by your dental care professional can help avoid developing sensitive teeth or combat the same, but within limits as overdoing it can also have a negative effect.
  • You can opt for specialized sensitive toothpaste (as recommended by your dentist) that helps protect against increased tooth sensitivity. Fluoridated dental products are also advised as they help strengthen the enamel.

Consult a professional

Your dental care professional can also recommend regular cleaning and strengthening treatments which will help protect your teeth from becoming sensitive. It can also help counteract dental problems before they occur and early detection of serious oral problems. Sensitive teeth react painfully to hot and cold foods. It becomes a nuisance over time as it can worsen terribly. It is advisable to treat it before it becomes a serious issue and leads to more serious diseases the tendency of which is very probable.

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