Regular Smoking Gradually Degrade Your Oral Health? know more!

how smoking can degrade your oral health

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Tobacco is one of the biggest threats to public health. And as we all know; cigarettes are the most common source of tobacco. According to a recent study, more than 4.9 million deaths are caused due to tobacco every year. The report further suggests that unless there is a reduction in the consumption of tobacco the death toll can raise up to 10 million deaths annually.
Pieces of evidence furnished in the report show that tobacco results in many grave diseases. Stroke, heart attack, chronic bronchitis, cough are just a few of the many. Medical practitioners and dentists all over the world have concluded that even dental health is miserably degraded.
As per the dentists, smoking gradually leads to plaque and tartar buildup on the surface of the teeth and causes severe dental disorders.

how smo9king can degrade your oral health
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In this blog, we will study how regular smoking is slowly and gradually affecting your oral health.

Teeth Wearing Down Faster-

Tobacco contains nicotine and other similar materials that are abrasive in nature. When you consume tobacco, it comes in contact with your teeth. This corrodes the teeth and degrades the chewing capabilities. In the long run, you will face trouble in chewing even those food items that do not require much chewing power. Cigarettes and cigars are the most common sources of tobacco and are responsible for rapidly wearing down your teeth.

Fewer Treatment Options –

Reduced blood flow, increased bacteria, and inflammation are some common effects of regular smoking. These issues again make it extremely difficult for the patients to replace the lost teeth.
According to the dentists, dental implants and bridges won’t work if you have a weak jawbone surrounding the missing tooth. Infection and bacteria buildup due to smoking are the major reasons behind the weakening of the jawbone. So if you are a regular smoker, then quite naturally the dentists will have fewer treatment options.

Increases The Chances Of Periodontal Disease –

Regular smoking reduces the immunity power, and its ability to fight against disease-causing germs. So if you are a smoker, chances are high that you would suffer from Periodontal disease. And the worst part is, if you are already visiting a dentist for getting your gum disease treated, then you might witness very slow progress. The primary reason behind this is, smoking limits the growth of the blood vessels, thereby slowing the healing process.

Causes Bad Breath –

As mentioned above, tobacco comprises nicotine, which is responsible for plaque and tartar buildup on the surface of the teeth. This continuous buildup of plaque and tartar again leads to foul smell from your mouth. You will feel ashamed to talk even with your friends and family members.

Thus, if you want to decrease the risk of suffering from serious dental conditions, then you have no option other than quitting smoking forever. However, it becomes very difficult to stay away from the addictive quality of smoking. That’s why it becomes essential to plan and take advice from an expert dentist. At ABC 123 Dental – Keller , under the  guidance our experienced dentist, we have a specialized team to help you overcome the addiction of smoking with the utmost ease.

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