Why Is It Essential to Get Your Problematic Wisdom Tooth Extracted ?

wisdom tooth extraction

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Wisdom teeth are the third and the final set of molars that appear either in the late teens or in the early twenties. Dentists all over the world have concluded the fact that wisdom teeth are a valuable asset to the mouth only if they remain healthy and properly aligned. But if they are not, they result in intense pain and worry.

According to the American Dental Association, if wisdom teeth are not properly aligned, or are growing away from the second molars, then there are high chances for the patients to start suffering from toothache and intense jaw pain.

wisdom tooth extraction
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In this blog, we have cited 4 reasons when extracting a problematic wisdom tooth becomes an absolute necessity.

  1. Severe Tooth Infection

Wisdom teeth are located at the back of the mouth, where the food particles get trapped to the maximum extent. This trapped food particles again lead to plaque and bacteria buildup, which in the long run leads to intense tooth and gum infection. It may even lead to severe gum infection, such as abscess and Periodontitis. Extracting the wisdom tooth and cleaning the gum area remains the only option in such a situation.

  1. They Have Erupted In A Misaligned Manner

If a wisdom tooth comes out at a wrong angle, pressing against the adjacent tooth, then you are bound to suffer from excruciating pain and worry. As per the dentists, a situation like this is very critical, and there remains no other way apart from extracting the problematic wisdom tooth. After the completion of the extraction procedure, you will no longer suffer from pain and worry.

  1. There Is Not Enough Room For The Wisdom Tooth To Erupt

This is a quite common phenomenon. Dentists all over the world are in the view that if the space inside the mouth is not large enough for the wisdom tooth to erupt naturally, then it will try to force itself out. The pressure exerted by the wisdom tooth on the gum surface causes massive pain. With time, you will have problem in performing even the daily activities of life, including chewing and speaking.

  1. Intense Cavities

Cavities and dental caries are the most common dental disorders. Wisdom teeth remain vulnerable to the attack of cavities the moment they start appearing from the gums. In the long run, if your wisdom tooth gets infected by severe cavities and dental caries, then you might start suffering from a plethora of dental disorders. Extracting the affected tooth remains the only viable option for the dentists to save your teeth from extraction.

An infected or misaligned tooth can disrupt your daily life considerably. It can affect you physically, as well as, mentally. Thus, they always prefer extracting it before the situation gets worse. Therefore, if you are staying in Kellar Parkway, TX, and a victim of an infected or misaligned tooth, then visit us for getting it extracted. At ABC 123 Dental, we always provide quality treatment!

Our experienced dentist, Dr. Mike Pham, has been performing the wisdom tooth extraction treatment for quite some time now. Our main USP lies in the fact that we always use the latest tools and equipment so that you don’t suffer from any kind of pain at the time of extraction. You can give us a call on +1 817-484-0705 or can directly visit us at 460 Keller Pkwy, Keller, TX 76248, USA to book an appointment with our experienced team. Visit today!

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