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Are you committed to your teeth?

If yes, then are you taking care of by applying at-home teeth whitening remedies?

Everyone likes to enhance their smile be it obtaining in-office treatment or having home- remedy. You know how important is your teeth, because every smiles makes your day younger. Like our hair turns grey, teeth also become yellow. Do you know that inner part of teeth has dentin in it, which has a yellowish hue in it?  This is something practical.


But, if you want to be the reason of your own smile; then take care like how it should be taken. Just like your skin has got pores, your teeth have pores too. While drinking tea, coffee, cola, you stain your own teeth. There can be many other causes which traps stain in your teeth.

Causes of discoloration are stated below:

  • Using tobacco, drinking coffee or tea, and taking wine can wear off your enamel.
  • If your teeth has “ plague” and “ tartar”
  • If you take in fluoride, when your teeth is in the preliminary stage; it gives teeth a “blotchy” look.
  • If you are going under antibiotics, there is a tendency to get a yellow tooth.
  • If your teeth have undergone any kind of trauma, then it may turn brown, yellow or black.

Inspect your enamel, you will find microscopic crystalline rods which protect your teeth from chewing, gnashing, or any kind of acid attacks. But if your enamel has worn out, then you might lose your white sparkling effect from the teeth.

There are millions of small cracks that might occur in the enamel. It is in these cracks, that the food particles gets trapped in. due to this the teeth slowly starts to lose its luster and it turn pale with discolor in it.

 Care starts from home, so take a look in At-home teeth whitening techniques.

Maintain proper diet and drink lots of water

Good food serves with all sources of minerals and vitamins that your teeth needs to have. Cheese, carrots, apples and lots of leafy vegetables can mitigate deficiencies and protect a shield in your teeth.

Have strawberries, this can help you to whiten your teeth, because it contains malic acid and vitamin C. The seed of the strawberries works as a scrubber which helps to remove stains. If you brush your teeth by mashing strawberries it will be of great help.

Baking soda and lime juice

This may be one of the most popular methods to clean your teeth. A tinge of baking soda has a chemical effect in your teeth, which brightens up your teeth. Brush with this solution, and keep it fixed in your daily routine, to get a super-effective routine. But if are worried that it can affect your gum then try to apply it with cotton balls, leave the mixture for some time to get the best result.

Flossing helps

If you don’t floss then food debris might remain in your teeth, so floss at least once in a day. It helps to remove all the food particles and helps to make your teeth whiter.

Hydrogen Peroxide as an effective solution

It keeps the growth of bacteria, prevents bad breath and infections in the mouth. Try to swish some kind of hydrogen peroxide in your mouth, to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Straw can keep your teeth shiny and white

Coffee, tea, soda can damage your teeth. So if you don’t sip it but instead use straw then it can protect your teeth from damage. This can be embarrassing sometimes, brush your teeth after having any kind of beverages.

Try this at-home teeth whitening technique, to get the best result of having a shiny and pearly white teeth.

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