Effectiveness of Root Canal Therapy

Effectiveness of Root Canal Therapy

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Restore Your Teeth with the help of Root Canal

Root canal, as the name suggests; cleans the canals deeply inside. The therapy is done to heal up the damaged and infected tooth. These involve cleaning the damaged area of the teeth, filling and sealing at the same time. Your teeth have soft tissues called pulp.

This is so sensitive that if you have gone under series of dental treatment due to, cavities or plague, then the pulp gets damaged inside.

The subject goes under series of X-rays, to locate the damage inside, and then the affected tooth is anesthetized to make a small incision in the tooth, where a material like gutta percha is inserted and sealed off.

Effectiveness of Root Canal Therapy

You need to go for root canal therapy under certain circumstances :

  • Engorgement in the gum or jaw area, around the tooth.
  • Severe tooth ache which can take away your sleep.
  • If the area around your root is infected then it can cause fever.
  • Bad taste around the teeth
  • One can feel the pain while chewing and masticating food.

Do you know how the process is done?

  1. A needle is used, to numb the teeth for a while, but as the needle goes deep you can feel little bit jittery. After this a kind of dental dam, is used which is a kind of small sheet of rubber segregating the tooth and therefore keeping it clean.
  2. Dentist will use small files to clear all the damages inside the tooth, and remove away all the damaged pulp. An antimicrobial solution is used to kill if any bacteria remain in there.
  3. A material called    is used to fill inside. It is a kind of tough plastic substance made from the Malaysian trees which contains resins in it. After this dentist places the temporary crown.
  4. The tooth is again observed after few days, if dentist finds that it has healed he will just for permanent crown. This may need a small supporting post to fix the crown.

Here is the list of Effectiveness of Root Canal Therapy:

The process can be painful but it has its effectiveness

  • If the root canals are enlarged in shape and size, constant irrigation is required; this will helps to clean off the debris.
  • If your teeth have severe pain in it, the only treatment that can heal up is root canal treatment.
  • This gives a support system in your teeth, if your tooth has been damaged then this can be effective, solution to restore tooth and keep it in its position. The process undergoes removal of pulp; therefore relieving the patient from immense pain.
  • Success rate of having a root canal is 85 to 97%, so you can blindly go for this treatment.
  • After going through this root canal procedure, you can come back in your normal lifestyle- eating and chewing almost all kind of food.
  • If your teeth has plague or affected by cavity then it needs to be plucked off, root canal acts a savior in these case.
  • Your teeth is shifting and drifting from the given position which further results in TMJ disorder.

All in all it can lead you to fix your teeth and gain the best effect for future, Contact us to  Schedule  an .

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