These Acidic Foods and Beverages Could Damage Your Teeth

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Sugar alone does not decay a tooth, an excessive amount of acid in foods also play a huge role in damaging your teeth. The enamel of your tooth could wear off if it is exposed to acids which can cause erosion. Thus, you must avoid them to achieve a healthy mouth and have foods which are rich in nutrients as they help to build stronger teeth.

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We have spoken about some of the acidic foods and beverages below which can highly affect your teeth. Give up on them today.

Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits generally have a low pH which means that they have high levels of acid. Therefore, curb down on having limes, oranges, strawberries, grapefruit and anything which is citric.

Apples: Some of you might not know about this, but yes, apples do contain acids. The fruit is certainly good for your health, however, having it too much could damage your tooth enamel. Thus, it’s better to have apples in less quantity.

Acidic Beverages: Beverages such as sports drink and sodas must be strictly avoided if you want stronger teeth. Having a lot of coffee and tea can also affect your teeth and make them discolored. Drinking alcohol leads to higher levels of plaque in your mouth and it can even cause oral cancer. And did you know that even fruit juices contain acids? Thus, try not to have such beverages much.

Canned Tomatoes: Tomato paste and canned tomatoes are also high in acid but fresh tomatoes which are quite ripe does not contain much acid. Hence, avoid having canned tomatoes if you want a healthy set of teeth.

Processed Foods: Chemically transformed cooked food is known as processed and they are also quite acidic. It decreases the nutritional density and the process that is used to make them can add contamination risks.

Pickles: Vegetables are certainly healthy but what if they are dipped in vinegar which is acidic? Pickles are basically made with vinegar, which is not good for your teeth.

Limit the intake of acidic foods in order to achieve stronger and healthier teeth. Call us today @817-656-1215 if you want to get a free dental consultation. We will tell you about the things to follow to maintain a great oral health.

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