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Dental BracesDental braces are the best tools to help retain the way you look. Most commonly, people are afraid of looking unattractive. However, it is usually for a short span of time and when you come out of it, it will be for the better. Your smile will have turned into that charming grin that you know and love.

You will be asked to opt for Dental braces by your dental care professional if your teeth have become crooked and crowded. Now there is nothing to dread at the prospect, but it comes as a reluctant surprise to most. There are affordable braces available if you are on a tight budget.

Why do you need braces?

BracesA dentist will usually use braces for crooked and misaligned teeth in order to restore them to the way they’re supposed to be. If misaligned teeth are left unchecked, tartar and plaque can accumulate in the niches and crannies of your teeth arch. These become harder to clean out and can lead to gum diseases and infections.
Tooth decay is more common with misaligned, crooked teeth and it is essential to get it treated. Braces are the perfect solution and can get your teeth arch back into shape. The process can take anywhere between several months to a couple of years depending on the condition the teeth are in.
You should be prepared to experience some level of discomfort afterward. It is common to be a little sore all over the mouth and face some irritation in the gums as the teeth shift around and settle into the desired shape. On occasions, you may also experience some sharp pains but it is normal. It can be easily remedied using over-the-counter painkillers.

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What can you expect when getting braces?

Clear alignerYou can get your affordable braces put on in a single sitting without much ado. The orthodontist will first clean out your teeth in order to prevent infections and other complications during the treatment process.
Remember to get your teeth cleaned professionally at the dentist’s before going in for having the braces put on. Once cleaned out, the dentist applies a specially made adhesive to your teeth where the brackets will be attached (although it has a rancid, unpleasant taste, it is harmless). Finally, the arch wire is added to the brackets that will be further secured with elastic bands and the procedure is complete.

Take care of your braces

It is recommended to stick to a diet consisting of soft foods in order to refrain from aggravating the sensitive teeth. It is natural to feel tinges of pain and be sore in the first week. You must avoid acidic foods till the braces can be removed. If the pain becomes too intense at times, you can use dental painkillers to abate the discomfort. It is also natural to develop mouth-sores as your mouth adjusts to the braces. For further queries, you can always consult a dental care professional.

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