Seal The Crevasse With Dental Sealant

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Like you know sealants are plastic coating which are usually placed on the chewing surface of the permanent teeth. It not only covers up all the fissures but also protect it from decay.

Sealants can be white or have a slight tint on it

Once the sealants are applied it lasts up to ten years. You don’t have to remove them. It wears off naturally.

The person who has sealants is asked not chew hard food or open hard food packages using their teeth as it can break off.

Once you have applied sealants, dentists will check the form of it. For some people if their sealants are wearing off quickly then it has to be applied once more. This is done to protect the teeth from bacteria that can solidify into tartar when you are back in home.

Sealants can be also applied in the adults, as they also carry the risks of deep grooves and fissures and carrying caries.

Seal The Crevasse With Dental Sealant

How do you apply sealants?

  1. When you go in to apply sealants, dental hygienist will clean it thoroughly. Each and every tooth is dried with a hose tool.
  2. Dentist makes sure that the entire tooth remains dry before the procedure begins.
  3. He applies the sealants with the help of dental paintbrush.
  4. After the applications it grips firmly into the teeth and hence forms a protective sheen over it.
  5. A curing light is used over it to make it hard.

Dental sealants can last more than a decade but you need to know that they are susceptible to certain foods like hard, sugary or chewy stuffs like ice, caramel, and candy roll-ups.

Some sealants are formulated with fluoride, as it is placed right into the chewing surface to protect it from bacterial growth.

Precautionary measures to take care of your sealants so that they last long.

  1. If your child wants to have sugar during meal then doesn’t stop them. Child’s mouth produces more saliva during meals and this helps to rinse sugar and kills bacteria.
  2. Brush your teeth after you have your meals specially having sweets. Try to have sugar free gums, and floss at least once a day.
  3. Do not forget to visit dentist, if you have sealants in your mouth.
  4. If you find that any portion of your sealants is uneven then do not let it remain in that condition, instead rush to your dentist,
  5. As sealants are generally applied in the child, they should be little bit cooperative from their side.

Irrespective of your age, your teeth can trap in bacteria and lead to gum decay. And when the food gets tastier you can’t control your appetite. So dental science have advanced to give you protective treatment and make you look more decent and better.

So if you think that ABC123 Dental is the corrective platform to give you detail knowledge about sealants, and then schedule an appointment to keep your oral health in good physical shape.


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